2 Sep 2011

Description of Relora

Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officianalis are plant extracts that have traditionally been used by Chinese practitioners of herbal medicine, and now comprises the proprietary blend that comprises Relora. Relora is chief function is to provide mood elevation, relaxation and normalization of the function of adrenal hormones, which when out of balance lead to over-eating from stress. Eventhough Relora is listed as a non-narcotic, non-sedative medication, Relora also helps in alleviating insomnia in its range of actions. The manner in which Relora works is by altering functions in the central nervous system by binding itself to anxiety related stress receptors and hence promoting deep relaxation and freedom from anxiety. Additionally, Relora does not cause daytime drowsiness due to its nonsedative features. DHEA and cortisol - the two adrenal hormones that are chiefly responsible for high stress levels, are normalized by Relora. Studies conducted relveal that patients derive positive results by treating stress with Relora - clinical research conducted at Living Longer Institute in Cincinnati Ohia validate this scientifically. A happy by-product of treatment with Relora also reveals that patients have noted marked weight loss since it prevents stress related eating habits. Of the study conducted, 78% patients reported weight loss from Relora.
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